Unclaimed Rewards Question

What happens if you just leave your unclaimed block rewards where they are. Is it okay to do that? They won’t get stuck there eventually if you leave them too long or disappear or something? And whats the point of needing to claim them anyways?


For pooling.
The pool claims the reward when your with one.

I cant see any harm not claiming rewards, but cant answer on for how long if at all.

Certainly you should claim them before joining a pool.

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Keeping them in unclaimed is a way for me to keep track of how many blocks I’m hitting since going solo.

Great point on claiming them before rejoining a pool if I do so. I wonder if anyone can confirm that pool switched to could claim your rewards. Part me thinks they would not be able to do so. What’s the official answer?

It happened to me.
Because it takes x no of blocks to join / leave pool.
( to change the smart contract state )
Space pool returned it to me.

How do you think the pool get the rewards when you join one?
Upon joining you cant claim nft rewards and the pool can, you hand over control.

Some pools wont return such funds!


Interesting question. A good rule of thumb is “not your keys, not your coins”.

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if you join a pool your keys are no longer your own?

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Your keys are always your own. I’m refering to unclaimed rewards.

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Your keys are still your own, however the PlotNFT is a smart contract, so the funds in there are subject to the contract.

And the contract is written such that when you switch to a pool you give them control over the funds. All you can do then is to switch it back with a delay of like 100 blocks or so.


You mean after you have quit a pool, 100 blocks (blockchain height count ?) later pool owners wont be able to control your funds anymore? how does it work? how does blockchain know WHO is capable of claiming 1.75 reward?

Yes correct.

It’s a smart contract with state. Ask Chia devs how it works exactly :wink: it’s complicated.


will I get my block reward ?

I did. Contact them via discord.

If your within 30 days you should.

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