Understanding KiB Up/Down

Hi very noob here

Sorry for may what be to many of you a simple thing
But I think I have some sort of issue with my farming.
Node connected with kib 0.0/4.3
My haverster is showing connected with kib 3.3/3.3

Is this normal

Thanks in advance

I don’t understand your question? It’s about upload/download ratios?

Yeh I may not explained it very well

My harvester ratio seem to very inactive,is this a normal thing

Any ideas on this anyone?

i have been looking for the answer too. from what i can understand it is absolutely fine unless someone more smarter than me says other wise

I believe its the amount of data that has been exchanged.

Anyone got more answers? My friend won 2 chia with 140 plots , mining for 3 weeks.
Everything seems to be same as mine in regards to settings EXCEPT that his up/down Kbs is huuuge both upload and download.

What i’ve noticed , when i restart PC sometimes i get up/down more in a matter of minutes but 98% of the time is stuck at 0.0/0.2,
so i’m not sure what triggers that up/down spike but seems to be key, that or total luck

i tried to look for answers and then gave up and joined hpool. if you ever do find out please do share as i would rather solo farm.


From my limited investigation into this, it is a measure of your connection to the peer. I think it is a measure specifically of how much you have transferred to the peer both up and down. I see it that way because I have a 30 down and 5 up internet connection (on purpose due to cost) and I have sent well over 30 up to several peers and my down is rather low.

for me it was always 0 or 0.2 either up or down even though i was fully synced with over 400 plots

It is good or bad? I have the same values for KiB Up/Down.