Understanding "Last Attempted Proof" in the UI?

Last Attempted Proof in the GUI the numbers under the challenge is always the same but what rappresentes it?
Plot passed filters all are 0/8 but for one moment one of them was 1/8 and than back to 0/8.
I deleted all them maybe it was not necessary :blush:
Instead the Latest Block Challenges the numbers are the same of Last Attempted Proof, what is the difference?
Well I ma looking for a guide of the GUI there is something?

thank you

Look at “plots passed filter” as “plots what could have proofs for current block” (or not for most time).
Each next block would have another challenges. So you need have as many plots as you can =)) and wait (for luck) some of them someday will have a proof and you would get reward for it.

but the the number that i deleted in the screenshot where come from?
I dont find them in my plot? they don’t look my key?
So what are they? lol

What did you delete?

I deleted them in the screenshot that I posted :slight_smile:

Maybe I understand the number 0x65061e25dd2eccd522a4bc2eaacaed9191119f8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , it is just an example, it rappresents the number of the challenge and the 0/8 are my plot that could take part.

And the index in the section Latest Block Challenges what is that?

I mean the index in the screenshot