Unifi usg firewall and full node

Hi, i was planing on geting a better firewall here at home and I borrowed one from work to test, it is a unifi usg 4 PRO but when i connect it my full node fall out of sync and all connected peers just disconnects, port 8444 i open and verified, as soon as I connect my old firewall jag get full connection list, anyone here knows if there is something els i need to do in unifi to get it to work with full node?

I run Unifi h/w. But like all networking gear, you need to open port 8444 going out (which it should be unless you explicitly locked down everything and only permit certain outbound ports) and you need to permit ingress of port 8444, and then forward that port to your node’s IP and you are probably best to assign a static/fixed IP to the node based on MAC. I suspect that your old firewall/router had UPnP and your node simply informed the router that it wanted port 8444 egress/ingress. Unifi is not UPnP enabled by default for obvious reasons.

I’ve been having syncing issues for almost a week now, I run USG also. I did suspect this. I went into the firewall rules and basically created a rule to allow port 8444 on all inbound and outbound on WAN and LAN… Didnt seem to make a difference. I unfortunately do not have another router to try.

Well I can’t say for sure that you’re doing it wrong, but you’re probably doing it wrong. You need to point the 8444 inbound to somewhere. Just opening the port on the firewall does nothing as the NAT doesn’t know where to connect too.

Port is open and pointing to Chia server. Had a user connect to my server and its communicating. It has to be something in the software that isnt jiving and its either not popping up in the logs, or it is and it is not clear that what is happening.

Thanks for all the answers, i work with unifi products so i know how to open ports so i dont think thats the problem, i was more thinking if there was any more advanced things i had to do. my old firewall is a homebuilt opnsense firewall with some kines cheap hardware so thats why i wanted to change it, one thing that that i think can have done it was that i got a new external ip when i connected it so i think that can be why my connections droped, i Will test some more today and let it be connected longer, i changed back almost direct and I did think of the ip change when i went to bed but i shuld be that

Have you checked for open ports with an open port checker website? Run your chia node, go to the port checker website, key in 8444, see if you get a connection. If you don’t, it’s your ISP => modem => router => h/w firewall => OS software firewall => chia. If you do, then it’s something with chia and a bug worth reporting/investigating.

Yes i have checked and its open, but i think it was that i got a new external ip when i changed and did not let it bee so new nods discoverd it, Will test more after work