Upcoming soft fork

Just seen this, time to update folks.

Hi @everyone

Chia v1.8 was just released and now is a good time to start upgrading your farms if you haven’t already. The block 3,630,000 soft fork is now approximately 4 days away and farmers need to be on at least v1.7 or higher.

Download v1.8 here: Download - Chia Network

Credit for the info to space pool.


Just upgraded one node boss. I’ve been keeping another node upgraded with beta dev releases. Along with everything else.


I just went 1.6 to 1.8
Had issues with nodes not sticking
Quick reboot and some nodes are staying but alot being dropped.
But im synced so all good.


Down to the last 1600 blocks. I’m putting sunglasses on and standing on a hill (and upgraded just fine).

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Some folks have reported issues with 1.7.1 and higher:

I am on 1.6.0.
Might it be advisable to upgrade to 1.7.0, to have the stability as well as compatibility with the soft fork?

Definately you must upgrade!

I had peer issues, but a reboot fixed it, i now have many stable peers, so long as your synced your good.

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I upgraded my Windows 10 full node to 1.8.0. All is well.

What about harvesters?
Does the code in 1.8.0 have harvester related changes?

If there are no changes to the harvester code, then I do not want to perform any work on them, if the result is that it does nothing differently than what they are currently doing.

Can I assume that as long as my full node’s GUI shows me all of my plots / all of my harvesters, and that X plots from each harvester is passing the filter, then all is well?

Or might that change after block 3,630,000 gets processed?

I cant imagine harvester code woukd be affected at the fork.
Id think your good.

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Maybe that what causes disconnection issues with latest versions. Those versions may just not be happy to connect to clients having older version.