Update Chia-Node

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currently I am running Chia on one Ubuntu-Server and it has the Version 1.6.2. How do I update this to like 1.7.0? Uninstall the old one, copy over the ca-files before. Install the new Chia-Version with init -ca?

I need to keep the ca-files because some hjarvesters are having the old-ca-files as well and need to sync.

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Just install it, it will overwrite anything that needs to be updated. Just have a backup of your .chia and .chia_keys folder for backup. Copy the two folders when chia is not running.


Thanks alot I did run the install command and it updated perfectly fine. I didn’t change the .chia oder .chia_keys and the old files are being used.

Here’s the command:

sudo apt-get install chia-blockchain-cli

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Can you also explain how to uninstall chia?

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