Update from Chia on the Dust Storm

The current “Dust Storm” of transactions is creating pain for anyone running low-end node hardware or an otherwise unoptimized setup, and spreading that downstream pain to their network peers as well, regardless of the peers capabilities. While Chia Network is confident in the overall health and stability of the chain, regardless of the symptomatic effects on some peers and pools, we empathize with the pain some users experience and have chosen to take a more active approach to address those symptoms where we can. Our dev team is currently looking into ways in which we can better optimize some things to alleviate this, and we’ll be sharing updates as they become relevant.

For a more detailed summary of things, you can read our full update here: https://github.com/Chia…/chia-blockchain/discussions/9049


Thanks for the update! I would love to have some more detailed documentation around the config.yaml settings and effects and also the network connection process, ip trustlists (and how the software establishes those lists) and feel this could help the community out to get a good networking setup for their systems and line speed and type capabilities.

I am currently running on a pi4 am I supposed to upgrade to an i9?

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There are suggestions listed for your Raspberry Pi, on the linked page in the original post above.

Over time we have updated the config file to include descriptive comments, however we don’t fully overwrite configs during updates so as to not squash your customizations, which means folks might not see them unless using fresh installs. Hopefully this will help some?

chia-blockchain/initial-config.yaml at main · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain (github.com)


Indeed that is the first I have seen this well commented version! I will post a link in Machinaris disco also so folks can get a look at these settings with more description.

The point of an update is to migrate the old settings to potentially a new formats. As such, your comment really doesn’t make sense.

The best example was with changing the folder polling interval. Instead of migrating the old timeout to the new section, you left it linger there, where the new code was operating on the new / default values.

Can you provide some specs that would properly describe what low-end or unoptimized adjectives means. In engineering language, there are adjectives, as such that is just noise while trying to get off the hook.

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The dust storm only affects zero fee transactions (or zero within epsilon). This result is as designed.

As noted in the original post, this event is an opportunity to measure which low-end configurations suffer the most, then document mitigation of said configurations.

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From the update from Chia, it is said:

Update from Chia on the Dust Storm · Discussion #9049 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub
"Q: What can I do to make sure my transactions go through?
A: All still are, though they might get delayed by a block or so. If you want one to go through ASAP, just include a transaction fee of 0.0001 or higher, and you will stand well above the dust noise. (Note that transaction fees below the minimum are all considered 0. There is no real difference between a 1 mojo transaction fee and a 100 mojo transaction fee.)

I am not sure how to create this transaction fee mentioned. Can someone put a screenshot to show? Currently what I am doing is deleting the slow peer connections, those ones who are behind the current height.