Update to 1.3.4 and blockchain v2

Hi guys.
I have a problem after updating to 1.3.4 and blockchain version 2. Who can help me?
I created the plots in the 10th month of 2021 with Madmax. But I don’t konw whether they are NFT or not. Also my farming pool is “XCHPool.org”.
Before the update, I was farming well. But after updating the blockchain database took a few days to sync again, after which my plots were not detected in the pool.
The wallet and database version also became 2.
(I’m using Windows.)

The upgrade also broke my database, now I’m syncing again for more than 5 days. Chia needs to improve that.

The first step i would try is deleting the wallet db, only the wallet db, not the blockchain db and letting that resync.
It should be very fast ( minutes not hours ) and will hopefully fix the problem.

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If you are farming with that pool, then yes your plots are (pool)NFT plots.

Like @Bones said: delete just the wallet db and start chia again. Fixes a lot of problems after upgrade.

You should also check your config file, if it is correctly updated to point to the V2 database.

if you would upgrade to 1.3.5, it will tell you in the Plots tab which plots are pool key and which are pool Contract address. Hope this helps…

Thank you so much. This method seems to work. :heart_eyes: