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Dear farmers,

I am writing to request your help; I’m still on version 1.3.0 mainly due to my current workload, I just bought another HDD but before putting it to plot I would like to update to the most stable version you know; Could someone help me with the steps to follow to achieve it? I have read that the database must be updated. I’m very new to this, I understand the instructions well but maybe I need a bit of detail. Thanks in advance.

The latest Chia version is 1.6.0.
There do not seem to be any major issues with it, based on the absence of postings in this forum in that regard.

Assuming you are using Windows:
Download it from chia.net and install it, and you are pretty much done.

The database upgrade is also easy.
From the command prompt, run:

chia db upgrade

If you do not have the chia.exe executable in your path variable, then you will have to “cd” to the directory where it is located, and then run the above.

I suggest that you check your available disk space, before running “chia db upgrade”, because when the upgrade is done, your old database files will still remain (you can delete the old “v1” files once you are confident that your “v2” upgrade is working properly).

I believe that you will need approximately 150GB of free space for the db upgrade to complete.
Note that it will upgrade your blockchain db and your wallet db. And it will take some time to perform the upgrade, due to the size of files involved.

I am not sure what steps should be taken if you do not have enough free space. But there are ways to deal with it. We can cross that bridge if you have that issue.

I do not believe that you “must” do the upgrade.
I believe that it is more of a highly recommended upgrade.
As long as you have disk space, I believe you will be fine with db version 1. But that version takes up lots more disk space than db version 2.

And before doing any of the above, quit out of your GUI, and verify via taskmgr.exe that no chia processes are running. And also make a copy of your “mainnet” directory (and sub-directories), after shutting down Chia, but before doing any upgrades. Hopefully you have some other drive where you can put a copy of your “mainnet” files.

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Thank you so much for your clear instructions ! I´ll follow carefully the steps

By the way…
You have two different tasks at hand:

A) Upgrading Chia from version 1.3.0 to version 1.6.0.
B) Upgrading your db files from version 1 to version 2.

I believe that you can do them in either order (assuming version 1.3.0 has the db update option – I do not recall when that option was added).

I recommend the following order:

  1. Shut down Chia via your GUI, and confirm via taskmgr.
  2. Copy mainnet and all sub-directories to some other drive.
  3. Install Chia 1.6.0.
  4. Start up GUI, and make sure that Chia is happy. If all is working, then…
  5. Shut down the GUI, and verify via taskmgr.
  6. chia db upgrade
  7. Start up GUI, and make sure Chia is happy.

You should not have any issues, as long as you have enough free space on your drive containing your blockchain and wallet db files.

The next time you shut down the GUI (whenever that is – no hurry), make a new copy of your mainnet directory. This way you will have a current version containing the v2 database files.

Any time afterwards, you can delete the “v1” blockchain files and the “v1” wallet files, and that will free up lots of space.

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Ok, I updated to 1.6.0 with no issues, Chia is connected and synced.

For the DB upgrade I noticed that nothing happens (GUI shut down) I literally entered the command and it opens GUI and the command window shows the message in the attached image.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

You started the GUI version, the command line version is in resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon


Is working ! I think this is gonna take a while but finally I´ll have V2 db.

Thanks a lot!

Ok guys seem like the upgrade was really fast, this is what I got:

  • Can I delete all files named with V1 ?


V2 db is about half the size of v1, and what you have there is just about 900 MB, so just 1% of what needs to be there. So, you don’t want to kill your v1 yet.

I would stop GUI, and follow what @billy wrote to get it converted off line. This way, you will see when it is done (an hour or so).