Update your client at least to 1.3.x

Announcement from space pool says:

Upgrade if you are interested.


as far as i know client less than 1.3 will only got a problem if there will be a special negativ amount is in the block (it must be forced, normaly this should never happend)
only in this case the block will rejeced with a client < 1.3 and u got no 2 XCH reward.

but anyway updating the client is a got idea :slight_smile:

When I upgraded from 1.2.11 to 1.3.4, I had problems.
It turned out that 1.3.4 was buggy.

I am now running 1.3.3, and all is well.

I would like to upgrade, again, to be up to date. But I am nervous about having another upgrade issue.

Which is the latest version that is running smoothly?

I have been running 1.4.0 on my main machine and won blocks, so we know it works, I also upgraded my harvesters to 1.4.0 also. Just make sure you do the db upgrade. And yes before you upgrade copy the DB folders for CYA onto a USB Harddisk.

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The issue with 1.3.4 is that it was very sluggish.

I am assuming that 1.4.0 is responsive when you click from panel to panel?

In any event, I would like to hear a few more people chime in, to confirm that none of them have issues with 1.4.0.


1.4.0 runs very well: faster sync, very fast plot scanning.
I run cli-only, so cannot speak to gui


I have no problem with 1.4.0.


I been running 1.4 since it has been released and no issues so far. GUI is responsive too.