Updated to Win 11

Since there wasn’t any real discussion between people successfully shifting to win 11 and continuing the Chia grind, thought I would share my experience so far.

I updated 6 days ago, and so far its been smooth enough with Chia, these are some of my observations:

1- Sync took/takes a little longer (after reboot) than normal to actually start (very worrying initially), but eventually it does sync up.
2- Takes a little longer for the Client to recognize all my plots on my system every time it starts up, granted I do have 50+ hard drives connected but still was faster on win 10.
3- Chia client runs Much smoother, flows between pages without delay compared to win 10, I would assume this would make plotting with the client a better experience (I still plot separately with Madmax).
4- Now the best part so far, I am not sure in what way win 11 has improved my estimated plot size (EC) with the pool I use but for the last 5 days I am consistently 10%-20% higher, where previously I would swing between 10% lower and a max of 10% higher (which wasn’t so bad). Anyways, will update further down the line after some more monitoring if it continues in this trajectory.

Windows 11 all in all seems neat with a few new tricks, and haven’t run into any issues as of yet. Oh and I updated after a friend whos seriously into IT and invested in crypto as well mentioned it is much more secure (I wouldn’t know), so I took his lead.