Upgrade changed my address available in the client

Hello, can anyone help. Apparently chia client upgrade changed my receiving address and my balance shows 0. Is there any way I can access my ‘old’ address and send the balance elsewhere?

I found some threads advising that the address can be changed in config.yaml, I tried but to no avail. Even stranger the address indicated in the config file is yet another one and not the one showing in GUI. Totally confused and any help will be appreciated!

Good morning, what version of chia are you running and are you windows or linux?

Your funds should be fine if you delete snd resync your wallet db, not the chain db.

You can change your addresses in the gui, farm tab, 3 little dots in top right, manage farming rewards.

Your nft address is changed on the nft in pool tab, 3 little dots, edit payout instructions.

If all thats changed id also make sure your still at the correct pool or solo dependant on your preferances.

Windows, version 1.4.0

  1. I looked up the old address in explorer, and it is there and has funds.
  2. I know I can change my address for farming rewards that’s not a concern.
  3. Pooling rewards are also not a concern.

The concern is how can I use funds from the old address if it is not there in the wallet section.

You have two things separate:

First the wallet/receive addresses:
You have a wallet, this is only accessible with your private keys(24-words phrase)
A wallet can have an unending number of different receive addresses, this is normal. In fact many recommend changing it for each new transaction.

Only the wallet owner (who has the private keys) can see all transaction of all the different receive addresses in one place as well as the total balance.

The other second thing is your balance showing 0. This is most likely a syncing issue with the wallet Database.

First you can try hitting the “delete unconfirmed transactions” button in the Chia app.
If that doesn’t work:

  1. close Chia, make sure all processes have stopped
  2. go to username/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db/
  3. delete the files there
  4. start Chia again. After a short sync, the wallet should be fine again. (If you are on version 1.3 or higher)

As vodoo advised above.

Thanks, the balance is back again, but it is showing ‘not synced’ on top… is it expected?

Nevermind, it looks like one of my ssds is acting funny and I’m getting IO lags. All is good thanks guys!!!

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