Upgrade data base chia

Hi everyone,

Running Chia version 1.31 and I would like to upgrade without synchronising one more tile.
I red that is possible to upgrade just by switching file (database) inside the Chia file but I do not know how to do it without making a mess !
I’m running under ubuntu 20.4 and I will appreciate that someone help just to upgrade without loosing 2 days synchronising !

Anyone knows how to ?

Thank you

If you have enough space on your drive for both the old and the new database:

just run chia db upgrade

When done restart Chia and all should be well.
Check to make sure the paths were updated in the config correctly. to point to V2 database.
If all is running well (I would wait a few days) you can delete the v1 database

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Thank you so much
Have a good day

Here are the different ways to do it. Have fun. https://spacefarmers.io/wiki/guides/farming/upgradedb?s[]=database

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Shouldnt that say v1?

omg lol…euhm yes it should :rofl:

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