Upgraded from 1.2.1 to 1.3.5 and cant sync

Thanks for reading. I have trawled these posts and found a few ideas that could be causing this but i just dont know how to do any of it.
This is what I am seeing, any ideas? Perhaps i need to delete the database and start it again but i dont want to lose any chia, how do i do this? Thanks in advance!

Few possibilities here.

Have you converted from database v1 to v2?
IMO you want to raise your peer count, how many did you have before updating the client?

Also looks like database corruption, but pls answer the first 2 questions before further advice is offered .

Which OS are you using?

I am not running Chia 1.3.5
I am running Chia 1.3.3

Every upgrade that I did, it asked for permission to change a port condition in my firewall.
Did 1.3.5 ask you?
Did you grant the permisison?

That permission wont stop syncing, i said no one time by accident and had zero issues.

Others have confirmed this to me.

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Then what is the firewall change for, if either “yes” or “no” yields the same result?

Is it that the change was already in place from previously answering “yes” from a previous Chia installation?

I believe it affects outbound traffic iirc, and possibly no of nodes youll connect to.
Im no expert, but i know i had 0 issues, and someone explained why, but ive no clue if they were right or wrong, but they are more comp savvy than i.

Thanks all, I’ve cracked it with info from these forums.

I went to.chia, copied it into a separate folder (which i names chia backup, just in case). This meant that there was no db to be found, then i rebooted chia, added the drive directories again and although it is going to take days to resync, thats fine - the status currently says 36000/2090000 so we are back on.

Thanks again

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For future, make regular backups! Saves days of resyncing.

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You can only lose your chia if you lose (or get stolen/hacked) your private keys.
btw it is best practice in my opinion to not store your XCH in your farmer wallet, but use a cold wallet instead to send rewards to.


thanks. Can a ledger nano x be used? Looks like maybe not… in whcih case whats a good alternative?

Every install of a new version asks to add to the firewall and I do. No issues.

Every version has to have its own entry. And you can do some housekeeping and delete the old entries because there no longer used.

Before you install the next version and wanted to do some house cleaning go in here and clean out the start_farmer.exe and start_full_node.exe and it will put the current one in. And if you don’t want to house clean you can have dozen’s of entries with no problem.

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