Upgrading my plotter

hi all. i use an HP DL380 G7 server as plotter, it have 2x x5650 xeon cpu and 98gb ram, i will be upgrading it with 8x 1tb sas drives as tempspace and vill be using ubuntu and plottman to plot, but whats is the best setup for the disks, i was thinking on raid0 them 2 and 2 to get more speed out of it as plotman can use several temp spaces, that will give me 4x 2tb temp, or shuld i do them 4 and 4 to get 2x4tb temp, i want to do atleast 20 plots at the time so whats best, 4x2tb och 2x4tb when using plotman, i take more plots over speed as i have 2 other machines that plots to but they are manual starting plots on so i wanted to setup this machine to spit out plots on auto pilot

hello how is the plotting speed of this processor (2x5650) ? @MwaTech

Well its not superfast but i do 12 at a time on it, its takes alitle over 24h for 12 plots, i have 2 of them so 24 plots from them and then 6 from a smaler server so i get 30 plots in like 1,5 Day, its okey for me, running plotman on all 3 so they are just doing there things,

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