Upgrading to new mainnet version

Hello guys,
Can anybody explain how to upgrade to new mainnet version.
Many thanks in advance.

click on the install link on chia.net
install the version for your os

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Thank you.
I knew about installing it. I needed to know how to upgrade the older version I have installed to the new one. Is it installing over the old version itself? Don’t I need to do anything.

yes it will just replace the old one (if in the same installation folder)
Keys should be stored on your pc, so no need to input again.

If anything goes wrong you can always uninstall everything do a fresh install and then import from you 24-word key phrase.

But it should work fine just installing over the old one


The installer will recognise the existing installation and upgrade it (instead of installing something new).

This behaviour makes life easier as the publisher does not have to create a separate “install.exe” and “upgrade.exe” :wink: