Upgrading to windows 11

Is there any advantage such as decreasing plotting time or farming chia with upgrading to windows 11?
I have installed the bios firmware from asus to enable the TPM and now ready for windows 11.

If using AMD CPU, you should wait a bit. Otherwise, I have no idea about Intel, maybe ok?

To me personally there is no reason to upgrade Win 10 to 11. I have already found that Win 10 added a significant hit (~25% slower) to MadMax plotter and that’s why I switched to Ubuntu for plotting on my 5950X (~21min/plot). I have not tried this plotter on Win 11, as I have all my storage filled already, but do not foresee any improvements. Win 11 in my mind is totally eval! MS is pushing users to the cloud and I’m sure they are tracking your every click with Win 11. This may sound paranoid, I know, but as a dev I’ve worked with MS cloud solutions and know for a fact that every interaction with their cloud services is tracked as “analytical” data. God only know what they use this data for. Paranoia a side, I feel like Intel pushed/convinced MS to create Win 11 specifically for their Alder Lake big.LITTLE CPUs and there is no benefit, that I can see at the moment, for anyone with older Intel or AMD CPU to upgrade to this new Win version. Note that there are also known performance bugs in Win 11 affecting ALL AMD Ryzen CPUs so keep that in mind as well and if you are on AMD I would hold of upgrading at least until MS+AMD get’s this fixed. Personally I moved away from Win to Ubuntu (Pop!_OS by System76 specifically) as I have a very large Steam library and found that Proton is very mature at this point and runs all my games (even DX12) just fine on Linux and other tools I use are also available on Linux so I’m not missing Win at all. I still keep a dual boot for Win just in case I need it for anything but find my self switching to it rarely.

Don’t mess with Win 10/11, instead you should use Windows Server 2016/2019.

I have sata and usb drives. Is there any advantage to move from win 10 to windows server?

on my taste and experience win-10 is one big disadvantage while server OS are just perfect. you can even run multiple instance of linux by using WSL

I think this summarizes Win 11 very well, thx to L1 for making this review.