Uploading to some Chia nodes at 70 MB/s?

I notice sometimes my internet connection gets a bit poor and I check Chia and it appears I am uploading to some nodes at 70 MB/s. Besides having to notice and individually disconnect, is there a way to set a “total transfer limit”? It’s kind of ridiculous whatever nodes can just snag so much of my upload and I have no meaningful control.

Also, is there a CLI way to see who I am connected to and to disconnect from bandwidth hogs?


There"s a few things you can tweak/limit through the config.yaml, but expect to be treated as you do.

Care to elaborate on that?

The system sort of relies on aggregate peer reciprocity. You get synced by the network (the reward), and you help sync others (the cost). In these environments, there is always the potential for bad actors that want to have the reward, but not pay the cost. These are often referred to as ‘leeches’.

If you ban a few ‘bad actors’, then that’s no harm done. If you go so far as to almost kill off any outgoing sync data, then you have become a bad actor yourself.

I believe that if abuse becomes more widespread, the protocol will start to be more strict in enforcement, or become less peer dependent.

So, what are those tweaks in the config.yaml you allude to?

To put your idea into practice, maybe having a setting for upload and download and they are locked together. Or each node has a historical upload/download to see how much they have uploaded versus downloaded in aggregate.

If one node takes 70 mb/s download from me, I can’t do anything else on my network. I would imagine there is already a way to handle this in a setting, but if not, I hope they add it.

70MB/s equates to a 560Mbps upload speed, which most people don’t have. I’m assuming you are looking at up/down MB in GUI next to each connection. It’s not a MBps/Mbps reading, it is how much data that node has downloaded from/uploaded to you since it has been connected. Config.yaml does have default incoming/outgoing rate limits set to 90%/30% respectively(if I remember correctly). Knowing some inner workings of networking equipment, my assumption is that this is a percentage based on estimated total bandwidth your machine is able to use.

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Thanks! This is helpful. It looks like I misread those numbers. Good to know.