URGENT Cannot bring Chia back after updating to 1.2.10

I was humming along and I decided to do a simple upgrade. Surrrrrre…No such thing in Chia land. I closed out Chia gracefully and downloaded the new version, it asked me for my new PWD phrase I put in my words and it sat and sat for 30 min. I rebooted and reloaded, the same thing. I reinstalled the same thing. I de-installed Chia, brought the rig down gracefully, rebooted the internet, and then brought my rig back up. Re-installed 1.2.10 and I’m still in whirly bird mode with the icon. It will not come online no matter what I try.

Any thoughts from the team as I’m down at the moment. Ty in advance!

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Without other evidence this would appear to be the standard wallet db is screwed up after upgrade problem.

If this is the problem you need to turn Chia and all of its processes off, delete your wallet db and then re-start Chia and re-sync your wallet. Do NOT delete the blockchain db. Only the wallet db.

I believe that Chia not shutting down all of its processes is the main reason this problem occurs. If you shut down Chia and do an upgrade while not realizing that some Chia processes are still running the wallet db becomes corrupted.

When upgrading or deleting the wallet db, if anyone does not know how to find and shut down the still running Chia processes then I suggest rebooting before doing the upgrade. This is not bad practice before any upgrade or installation anyways.

Always back up your wallet db before doing an upgrade and this problem can be bypassed if you are lucky.


will the wallet db lose anything critical?


The wallet db will re-create itself from scratch after you delete it.

Your wallet is actually part of the blockchain so it has to re-sync after deletion.

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also I see two blockchain walet. one from july and one from today


Delete both as long as they are wallet dbs not the blockchain db.

Won’t lose anything critical. Just your wallet :laughing:

It will rebuild (sync) the wallet from the blockchain. Just takes some hours, although not as long as the full blockchain db.

I use a cold wallet for all farming and pool rewards, so I don’t load my wallet at all. With CLI it’s chia start farmer-no-wallet. It runs and farms just the same, but doesn’t keep your wallet in sync.

Edit: Way too slow. I see @Aspy68 beat me to it.

it says blockchain_wallet_v1_mainet_xxxxxxxxx.sqlite

That’s the one. You can delete everything in the .chia/mainnet/wallet/db folder. It will be re-created as @Aspy68 wrote.

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ok…im nervous but here we go…


ok…so, it came up straight away, not synched (expected) but wallet is 0 xch…that scares me

this gets rebuilt? how long does it take?

does it need to synch to 1,068,742? it is at 256 now…wow! that is nerve wracking

The wallet db has to go through the whole blockchain to re-create itself, but does not need to download the blockchain to do so. I believe it is more akin to sorting through a file cabinet rather than inserting all the files.

Hours not days, anyways.

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Once the node is sync’ed, the wallet should sync pretty fast, unless there is something wrong with your network and setup. Again, much faster than node sync.

You don’t have to worry: There are no XCH stored on your computer anyway. It’s all on the blockchain. As long as you have your mnemonic, you can always get to it!

Edit: In the process of syncing the wallet, it will also re-create your plot NFT. When it’s finished, make sure your farming reward addresses and your pool payout address are correct. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be, but worth checking.

yeah, my node is not synched and I noticed they took away what you are at and what you need to get to to be synched which is a pain not to know…the wallet is at 832…I pray this works boys or Ill be crying until I’m dying…LOL…What else can you do but laugh?

Great point aspy…close chia out and reboot that rig before you upgrade. I usually do that on other products but for some reason, I did not here. I will let you know the status in the morning. Gotta love simple SW upgrades…LOL…P.S…I hate Windows! LOL!!

You’re in good shape! :sunglasses:

This is at least the third thread I have been involved with about this problem. Some peeps had the spinning wheel for weeks before they finally applied the solution. :crazy_face:

More empirical evidence to support my belief that the ghost processes are the source of the problem. :sunglasses:

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I am a little surprised it’s not syncing faster for you. At the rate you’re describing it will take days, which it shouldn’t. If it keeps sync’ing this slowly, I would close down Chia and restart the computer – if you haven’t already done so.

Update from last night. My wallet stated at 7684. I did a reload and it took off synching again. WHy it stopped I have no clue. Chia is far from perfect, however, the product can get better. One thing I noticed is the new password phrase was never asked again. When is it asked and used?

Is it syncing faster now? It shouldn’t take days to sync your wallet when you have a synced node.

I never installed 1.2.10 so cannot speak to the password feature. Others on Reddit complained that it never asks again once the daemon is loaded (or the GUI) which makes it almost pointless.

I used the opportunity to uninstall 1.2.9 and use Flexfarmer instead. Someone pointed out to me that the Chia client will show your mnemonic to a malicious actor, no questions asked. I knew the GUI would do that, but never realized CLI would too. Flexfarmer isn’t perfect and has its own minor vulnerabilities, but nothing of this gravity.
So I’ll keep the Chia client off my computer for now.

I hope your wallet gets synced soon. If it doesn’t, something must be wrong on your computer or with your network. If that’s the case, it could affect your farming too, so good thing to get it handled.

Still not synched…My rig fell out of synch for some reason and I have had to do a force reload, reboot the internet, make sure I’m on the 5g connection, test the internet and I’m getting over 600/600 wireless. I cannot find anything wrong. Now the rig is showing the stats on how far I have to be synched and I’m close but the wallet is at 68K. Unreal and all I did was update the Chia platform. This has been the worst I have been through since day one. Unreal. TY for checking in.