URGENT Moved .chia and chia-blockchain - now update fails and wallet is stuck

On my Windows farmer I was running out of space in my drive C: and copied the .chia and chia-blockchain folders to another nvme drive. Then I created permanent links to the new locations via mklnk /J. My Full Node is fully synced now but my Wallet is stuck at 1347680 height. So farming is ok but my wallet is out of sync. To remedy that I tried to download the latest version for windows 1.2.11 but when I try to click on the install file I get an error “Installation has failed”. My guess is because the install file is looking by default for the chia directories on C: drive and my permanent links are redirecting to another drive. So two issues:

  1. How do I sync my wallet after moving full-node to another drive?
  2. How do I now upgrade the chia server/client since the install executable is failing?

Thank you!!

Extra info:
I did not move the .chia_keys folder to the other drive and it is still on drive C. Would that cause the wallet syncing issues?

  1. Backup and rename old folders:
    C:\Users\USERNAME\ .chia
    C:\Users\USERNAME\ .chia_keys
  2. Download again setup file. Probably broken.
  3. install chia setup. (Easy. Chia will NOT want 24 words. Maybe keyring if you set)
  4. close chia gui when sync start. Must stop all process.
  5. Move only those files from old chia folders to new folders:
    C:\Users\USERNAME\ .chia\mainnet\db\blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite
    C:\Users\USERNAME\ .chia\mainnet\wallet\db\blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_xxxxxx.sqlite
  6. Run chia and listen this song:
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Just asking how large is the C-drive on your machine? 500GB SSD on Ebay very cheap.


A few weeks ago, my good old 280GB Optane-Bootdrive also complained about chia-size,
so I mklinked my mainnet-folder onto another SSD.
I did not have any problems, beside slower start of GUI.

If only ur wallet is stuck, then theres probably a problem with that sqlite-file, which happens easily, when chia doesnt shut down completely. Deleting the file and sync wallet from the start should help.

Not sure about the update-problem, but I would try to delete the symlinks during the update and create them again afterwards.

You can always go with a clean new install and then insert ur blockchain-backup.

Thanks @hoca05 @drhicom @Mugen0815! All good points. This is what I ended up doing:

  • One of my mklinks was pointing to the wrong direction that’s why the install was failing. So backed up the old folders, deleted junction links and redid them.
  • Updated the chia again - worked this time.
  • My blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_xxxxxx.sqlite was corrupt so moving it over to the new folder didn’t help - the wallet would still not sync. So had to rename the wallet sqlite file and my wallet is currently syncing from 0.
  • My new folder is on one my nvme drives 2TB which I don’t use anymore for plotting so this should be enough space.

I’ll report again if everything is back to normal once my wallet finishes syncing in. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

@hoca05 Loved the song, thanks!! Forgot how much i love french songs :smile:

I love this song because it is meaningful:

By running, just stop and take a breath

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Thursday, you shout

“SOS–Mommy, Help”

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The Singing Nun - Dominique (1963 ) - YouTube

Thank you my friend! I was wondering about the lyrics :pray:

What a nice light hearted tune!! Thank you!!

@hoca05 @drhicom you made my day :grin::pray::+1:

Reporting back, my wallet synced back in and everything back to normal.
However, while waiting for the wallet to sync up, I created a new nft plot but it is still confirming and there is no way in UI to cancel the transaction, ie. there are no 3 dots in the right top corner to cancel the transaction. Thanks!