Urgent, please help me

It just happened after restarting my fullnode computer. It connects to my other harvester computer but on full node page I just see circles go around and around.
What has happened and what could be done? PLEASE HELP. I’m desperate.

What is in your debug.log?

Actually I fixed it. It was a db corruption problem because of a power outage.
I used the db backup from a couple of days ago and synced that up to date.
Everything is back to normal and once again farming is on.
Thank you for your concern.

Issue from 1.2.9 with db corruption when power outage. PRAGMA_SYNCHRONOUS etc. Check on Keybase.


Happy to hear you got it fixed! Some valuable lessons to be learned here involving the importance of looking at logs, and the importance of backups. Good work

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Lol. It was a corrupted database, doc!

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