Urgent please help with not syncing

Dear friends,
Please help. I’m desperate.
I turend off my full node windowd machine for a day and now I’m back online the connection status says connected but status says NOT SYNCED.
what is happening and what should I do.
Internet connection is fine and nothing has changed.

If your machine was offline for a day then it will need to catch up to the blockchain i.e. it should download the missing data automatically.

This might take 20-30 minutes if it is missing a day’s worth.

It’s been hours that is just stayed there

Is your Gui showing updates?

  • Peak Height, Peak Time updating?

And is it showing connections to peers?

Yes. It does and somehow it’s beginning to sync.
Thank you friend for being so kind and concerned. :pray:

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Glad you got it working. Good luck and carry on. :+1: