US based Plotting Service (PaaS)

Hey Everyone,

We are a US based (Irvine, California) plotting company currently offering hardware and cloud plotting. Our site is:
Feel free to stop by and look at what we have to offer.
Our current price is $20 per terabyte and we have a constantly growing capacity of 15+ Terabytes per day.

In the future we are thinking about creating pre built Chia Miners (each attached to their own private key) with capacities that start from around 100+ TB.

We would love to hear some feedback about this or our plotting service and are open to any questions!

Sounds good, will add you to Chia Plotting Services – Price Comparison – JonBoy Crypto

couple of questions:

  • do you charge shipping on physical drives if so is it free over a certain order amount
  • do you have a date for the cloud to be available
  • when cloud is up how long will plot downloads be available
  • what payment methods do you accept.

thanks and good luck with the new venture!

Thanks for the add JonBoyCrypto!

  1. Shipping will be charged to the customer, because we want to give the customer the option to choose what shipping service/(how much insurance) they want for the package.

  2. We hope to have cloud available by mid May so around the 15th.

  3. Plots will be available for 15 days however for larger orders we can extend the time to give customers time to download the plots.

  4. All forms of crypto. Along with paypal/credit cards are accepted.

Just as a FYI to the readers, before you buy anything, make sure to check the reputation of the plotting service and never ever give your 24 word mnemonic / private key to anyone if asked

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Cultiv is completely correct.
All we need is your Farmer Public Key and Pool Public Key to create your plots. This gives us no access to your actual wallet and chia.
More info can be found here: FAQs — Chia Plotting

super interested in this service. please dm me!

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Bump. Still plotting and growing our capacity !! Helping many customers expand their systems.