[US-MN] FOR SALE: Supermicro 6048R-E1CR36N 36bay

Hey all!

I have 50 of these Supermicro 36 bay systems, looking to sell them fully loaded with 6TB drives!

6048R-E1CR36N W/
36x MG04ACA600E Toshiba 6TB HDD (100% health) (216TB total)
2x SSDPEDMD800G4, 800GB p3700 3.0 PCIE SSD
2x INTEL E5-2697 V3
1x LSI 9271-8i RAID card
Dual PSU
Rails Included
30 Day Warranty
Free Shipping in the Continental US

PRICE: $3,289

I can fully customize these systems with different CPUs/RAM/HDDs/SSDs etc. Just let me know what you need!

Have a good one, thanks for looking!

Would you consider selling without HDDs?

Conversely do you have larger HDD options available?

Yes I would consider selling without the HDDs

I have 12TB HDDs but only enough to fill 1.5 chassis

I also have large quantities of 8TB HDD

What’s the provenance of such a large amount of hardware?

I am a hardware reseller, I have a warehouse located in Minnesota

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You seriously ask this in a forum for a crypto coin that is based on storage space? :smiley:

The inventory is far bigger than I remember seeing on this forum.

What price w/o the 6TB drives and flash? What price per 8, 12TB drives? Are they SATA or SAS? What manufacturer? I may be interested in buying in bulk. Thanks.

Sent you a PM with those pricing options

Mind pming me as well

Hey all!

FYI, I posted this on reddit, discounted the system a bit and provided a few other options.