[US-SD] HDD Sale - Make an Offer

Looking to sell my hard drives. I realize people might not be interested in the smaller drives but have a fair amount of 14 TB + drives. Most are from WD external drives with about half of them shucked and the other half still in enclosure. The model number, quantity and size of all the drives are shown below. Willing to entertain offers on all or some of the drives.



Where are you located ?

Sorry should have put that in description. Located in South Dakota.

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Any idea how many hours are on these roughly? Also, are you willing to ship?

I can get that info in a bit. In the mean time I can tell you that the smaller drives were purchased in the timeframe of May 2021 to July 2021 and the rest were purchased between July 2021 and February 2022. They were set to never spin down. I will ship but that’s going to be a lot of weight so would need to come to terms with costs to ship.

So anywhere between 400 hours and 6000 hours approximately. Most of the purchases were in Q4 2021 and later so a lot of them relatively new.

I am looking for a few 14tb drives, what prices are you looking at with shipping to Virginia?

I will buy all 5 of 16tb. What will you sell by tb for? I will pay for shipping. Just send me total weight and include all packing materials for proper shipping protection. Thanks for info.

I bought 10 drives from @oceansix from this thread. They arrived a couple of days ago. They’re great drives in excellent condition. I paid and the drives were promptly packed and shipped. Thank you!


You have a great Governor Kristi Noem!!!