[US-W]HP z820 and DDR4 memory for plotting

I have bought a z820 for gpu plotting but I don’t need it anymore. It comes with 2 cpu and 32 GB Ddr3 memory. I am looking to get $240 it. It is in great shape with all the drive trays and lids.

I also have several DDR4 memory (rdimm or udimm) for workstation and servers. They are 2400mhz and 2666 mhz speeds. I offer competitive prices on them.

$220 for 256 GB Ddr4 2400(8 *32) rdimm modules.

$200 for 8 * 16GB DDR4 2666 udimm modules.

I have lots of extra plotting hardware (nvmes, 2.5" sas drives etc, gtx 1070). I can make a package deal.

What region are you?

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Put the region information on title. Thanks for the tip.

On a side note, I have put quite a lot of time to to make the plotting hardware work (making cuda work on ubuntu not easy) and wrote custom scripts to push plots.

If you are interested in a workstation that can push (plotting, copying to stage and then to final disk) one c7 plot to the final disk every 5 minutes , also ping me. I can sell mine for $1000 with all the required software installed.

The plots will be created by bladebit_cuda, it works with the beta farmer.

What bladebit_cuda, do you have and which beta farmer version do you have?

I built my bladebit_cuda, last was a few weeks ago.
I am using the beta farmer shared on the forum.

First are you running windows? Can you post a picture of Help and about

I am running on ubuntu. Why do you need the version of Chia I am running? This is a plotter, right?

I’m running windows, I just wanted to know what your running to see if it was the same, and if I missed a download. And that pic is from the GUI famer/plotter not bladebit cuda alpha versions.

I meant that I am selling a plotter and asking to understand why you want to learn the farmer version :slight_smile: I will check the farmer I am using but I think it is 1.7.
farmer: https://download.chia.net/dev/ChiaSetup-1.7.1rc3-dev47-c2860ee0.exe

Where did you get yours?

Index (chia.net)

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Do the latest builds have GPU farming support or any other major improvements over 1.7? What is the working branch for devs in case you know? I can read the github changes.

I currently don’t have that information.