[USA] 34 HDD Open Frame Case For Sale

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently discovered the magic of disk shelves and decided to decommission this open frame case I’ve been using. I’m selling everything you see in the pictures. The case is in great shape with a couple of minor paint scrapes from when it was shipped to me. All in all it’s a decent design and works well, I just prefer using disk shelves. They don’t seem to be available anymore at least not in the U.S.
Amazon link to the case for more info.

Included Items:

  • Mining Frame
  • All case accessories including screws
  • 16 Port SATA Card
  • 20 SATA Cables
  • Various Sata power extension cables
  • 10 120mm fans

I’m not exactly sure what a fair price for this is but I’ll say $150 (edited as original price was probably too high) + shipping for everything, but will take best offer. I will invoice via PayPal G&S and ship to the lower 48.

Thanks for looking!

I have that case. Actually, I bought it on eBay for ~$70. After I purchased it, I saw the price going down to a tad over $60. Yes, those cases are not anymore on eBay, but the seller I purchased it from replied to me that they will be coming back in a month or two.

Can a motherboard take two 16 port SATA card?

SATA card with a one lane how slow it can be?

Hey, no offense OP but no one should buy this

A NetApp DS4246 w/o trays is available for $169.99+S&H w/ 2 PSU’s
Assuming you have a 3d printer you can print trays

Now you dont need to buy sata cables or power splitters or multiple power supplies.

If this was priced in same universe as reasonable it would be a different story.
OP good luck flipping this for ~ 4x what you paid for.

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I paid about $120 for mine on Ebay, and it was by far the cheapest listing. That said it’s not the potential buyers fault if I paid too much. I edited the price in the original post.

@jack6070 I don’t think it would be a problem using two sata cards as long as your mobo has the PCI E X1 slots available for them. I have not tested it though.
As far as transfer speeds I was able to max out the write throughput of two 7200 RPM HDDs while transferring plots. I didn’t test with more than that.
Here’s a link the card incase you need more info

This is a design developped for gpu mining that’s cobbled together into a chia-type miner, but it’s really not well designed : it’s not space efficient and the air flow is terrible. Also sata isn’t great. Sorry but I wouldn’t buy it unless it was heavily discounted (even then it’s not great).

You seem to forget about noise…

Hey @WillBVT , still available? I’d be interested in taking it.