[USA MN] Selling enterprise 100+JBODs and 10,000+ HDDS, can ship worldwide

Hey, I have another post on here (14TB+free JBODs) where guys from this forum got 1000s of HDDs and lots of JBODS! I had this in the comments of that post but It hasn’t gotten much traction, so I am reposting to a new thread!

thanks for looking!

I have some JBODS! available on their own or with drives(15%discount on the price of the JBOD if purchased filled with HDDs). I have multiples of all of the below models.

DDN SS8460 6GBPS 4U 84BAY JBOD: $850 each
Supermicro 45 bay, CSE-847E16-RJBOD1: $750 each
Seagate 106 Bay SCS-4106: $2,750
Western Digital 102 Bay H4102-J: $1,950

HDDs: (Price valid for one JBOD filled) Add $5per for drives purchased apart from JBOD. Please reach out for models and quantities available for each capacity. Drive usage hours will vary but all drives tested at 100% health.
8TB: $45each
10TB: $70each
12TB: $85each
14TB: $115each
16TB: $140each

Shipping is $200 per pallet (price does not change based on the quantity of systems ordered) within the US if there is a loading dock at the delivery location. $150 charge if it’s a residential delivery (lift gate fee). Please reach out for an international quote. On average a pallet to Europe is between $600-$850, pallet to Canada $400-$600.


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8TB drives looking cheap. i really like buy some but i am really far away from you. around 10.000 km :slight_smile:

Distance is no problem! let me know what your postal code is and I can get you a shipping quote.