USB bandwidth copying multiple final files concurrently

I’m currently plotting with my gaming comp and I have 7 threads going in parallel. My plot copying to external USB has started to bunch up (final file destination is split between 2 externals).

Would their be a USB bus bandwidth limitation I’m hitting here? It’s a new fast computer.

I guess what I’m asking is, would there be any problem copying to multiple external drives at the same time?

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Yes. USB will only write out at around 200MB/sec for certain external drives. Since its a spinning drive, all the seek times will bring the copy down to a crawl if going at the same time.

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why don’t you have 7 destination HDDs to avoid those limitation.

SSD 7 threads —> HHD x 7 ea via Sata or USB3.0

Yeah - it’s a pisser. For this reason, I have seen people with a lot of parallel plots setting aside a staging drive of a 1TB SSD. Chia writes plotting jobs out to that SSD. Then, there is just one process that is constantly pulling completed files of that SSD and moving them to a mechanical spinning disk for long term storage. Robocopy works great for this if you are running windows.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking of doing, just wasn’t sure if that would fix the problem or if the USB bus would still be overloaded.

This seems like the best solution as then the next plotting process would start faster, just need that extra ssd :). Or I guess I could just use the OS SSD if I copied it over to spinning HDD right away.