Usb -> sata 3.5

Hi, I’m wondering how is this connection made:

We are trying to connect 6 Tb internal hdds to USB with this adapters:


but it doesn’t seem to read nor detect the hard drive… I was wondering if the USB wire is plugged into a 60 watt powered USB splitter might do any difference?

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If you’re trying to power the drives off the USB, I think they have to be 2.5 in drives. Otherwise you’re going to need to find a different way to supply the power.

indeed, I was just thinking in these adapters actually…

Those come with a power supply unit, does anyone know where I could buy 15 of these adapters within the united states?

I’d start with Amazon.

Check this out if you want to build your own. Lots of External HDD on a single Power Supply - Intermittent Technology

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Check the power consumption of that kind of setup - loads of low-quality power supplies (one per disk) will almost certainly be less efficient, and thus more expensive over time, than a few high quality power supplies.

If you have a bunch of internal disks, why do you want to connect them over USB anyway? It’s a really poor way to connect disks, SATA/SAS are better in almost every way. is a great source for well-made and affordable cables (in general; I don’t know if they have the type you need).

I have my backup drive for my server running on one of these on an HP T730. As stated if you run a 3.5” drive you need the power adapter because it requires 12v and USB only supplies 5v. The non-ac adapter version should support a 2.5” drive off just the USB port.

That external powered SATA adapter is a good idea of where to start. Bear in mind that there is a limit of 26 drive letters in Windows (before you have to start mapping NTFS folders/shares to drives without a drive letter). RAID will allow you to combine multiple drives and use 1 drive letter per RAID group. Also bear in mind that there is a 127 device limit (in reality 126 minus each hub if the hub counts as a USB device and the main USB root controller counts as a device). Users have reported that 30 drives or less seems to be a stalling point depending upon USB hub and computer.

You’d be better off getting a HBA and a server backplane or 2 or 3 and going that route as the drives are all seen as SATA internal drives that way (vs 1 drive taking up 1 USB slot). OR you could just get a server that can use those drives and it is already ready to go. The price of the server, all in with the caddies is, let’s say $350 on ebay and could be cheaper than let’s say $15x30 USB adapters ($450) or on par $10x30 ($300) USB adapters.

Monoprice only has the 2.5 drive SATA to USB without the power adapter. And they are expensive compared to what you could get if you decided not to go USB.

I believe in the OP the picture is of this setup:

Here they mention that these connections are made by re-using the original PCBs from the hard drives they shucked as USB->SATA adapters, they also re-used the 12v cables, and USB cables. They cut the 12v power cable and connected them to some kind of terminal block, and powered the rig using a 42A 12V PSU.

As others have pointed out, you’ll need a powered USB/SATA adapter if you want to connect to 3.5" HDDs. Bare in mind, depending on your PC or Operating System, some of these adapters don’t play well with Linux or Raspberry Pi’s. i.e some JM578 powered USB adapters don’t seem to work well with Raspberry Pi’s, while ASM1153e chips tend to be more reliable. Confusingly the cheap blue adapters can have either. You might want to check compatibility with your setup before you buy 15 of them lol.