Use GUI without starting/stopping daemon

Usually I run chia from the CLI with chia start farmer and everything works fine. From time to time I start the GUI and I think with that it also restarts the farmer, the same when I close the GUI, it stops all chia processes IIRC.

Now is there a way to run the GUI (and also close it) without changing the chia daemon status…?

Here is a patch:

diff --git a/src/electron/main.tsx b/src/electron/main.tsx
index 298e0d5..31cb117 100644
--- a/src/electron/main.tsx
+++ b/src/electron/main.tsx
@@ -179,6 +179,7 @@ if (!handleSquirrelEvent()) {
       //   mainWindow.webContents.openDevTools();
       // }
       mainWindow.on('close', (e) => {
+        return;
         // if the daemon isn't local we aren't going to try to start/stop it
         if (decidedToClose || !chiaConfig.manageDaemonLifetime()) {

Hi, thank you for that. Could you maybe elaborate on the patch? I guess I have to run it in the chia-blockchain folder and then reinstall? I would prefer a command line option to run the GUI without restarting the daemon, and an option in the GUI to keep the daemon running when closing the GUI.
I might do a feature request on Github…

Edit: Use GUI without changing state of daemon · Issue #515 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain-gui · GitHub

The patch needs to be applied in the chia-blockchain-gui directory. by default performs "git submodule update --init --recursive" which overwrites the patch. The complete procedure is:

1. source ./activate
2. ./
3. cd chia-blockchain-gui
4. patch < gui.patch
5. npm install; npm run build

Step 5 are the last lines of

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Hi, atomsymbol,
That patch for Linux like system, how can I do build like ‘MAKE install’ in windows 11 do you have clue how update GUI