Usefulness of add_spendbundle log entry

Are those entries in debug log of any value:

2021-12-17T23:49:15.448 full_node chia.full_node.mempool_manager: INFO add_spendbundle took 0.015621423721313477 seconds, cost 286298411 (2.603%)

I would like to ask on github to move those lines to DEBUG level (will not be visible with INFO level). Basically, the full node logs are just those lines making those logs kind of worthless (basically 99% of lines those), plus add extra load on the drive that hosts those logs. They are generated milliseconds apart.

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I have opened a net ticket on github Discussion page about it.

At least on my box, this is getting to be a problem. As of today, it looks like we have network problems, and my node was choking just one CPU core. Choking one core implies two things. First is that process is not able to do whatever it needs to be doing. The second is that the concept of multithreading programming is foreign to the developer in charge (i.e., fork those logs to a separate thread that will not obstruct (that much) the main code line).

I have changed log level to ERROR, thus eliminating those garbage log entries, and my node is happy right now, running basically at CPU idle and syncing without any problems.