Using 2 different hdd

hi i need help, i have 2X140gb ssd can i use that ssds same time ?

It depends on what you want to do with them, they can only hold 1 plots each, not big enough to put and OS on it and install chia. Go to Ebay and start looking for Samsung EVO SSD disks.

Use both as cupholders?

sorry, point is: need a bit more info what you want to do with them :innocent:

In windows 10, you can create a pool to combine 2 ssd.

Thats heartburn just around the corner… I just got some Samsung EVO 870 500GB on ebay for $42.00 each. Less heartburn for boot drives.

SAMSUNG 870 EVO 500GB V-NAND SSD SATA 2.5" (MZ-77E500) TESTED AND WIPED | eBay He has qty 44, make a deal…

U say hdd in title. But than are asking about 2 ssds….
You know they are different right?

When u say use both at the same time. Do u mean Ontop of each other handling r/w sequentially? A mirror?

Or maximizing speed and storage space… strip

What your asking
heavily dependent on your use case.

But of course anything possible with Linux.

It’s not magic.
It’s just a computer.

That is enough space to store 2 basic plots if you have them. But in order to make plots you need a fast drive with ~260GB free space. I can make you plots and share the link to download them if you wish.

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