Using a farmer/pool address which we don't have the private keys for

Hi, when starting my chia container I get the following messages:

....WARNING: using a farmer address which we don't have the private keys for....
....WARNING: using a pool address which we don't have the private keys for....

I checked with chia keys show and the fingerprint is the correct one, also the wallet is correctly synced, which keys does this messages refer to? Does it affect farming?


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How are you starting it? Sounds like the container doesn’t have your keys? You probably want to have your container mount these two directories from somewhere on your host ~/.chia and ~/.local.

Thanks jonson, I start it ~/.chia mounted, I didn’t know that .local was also used. I created a folder and mounted it to the container, then I deleted it and started again to see if it recovers with the correct key but it keeps generating a new key since I just add the key after creation to avoid using a key file, is it correct for it to make a new key since .local already exists? Doesn’t it verify this like the plots folder?

Or perhaps there is another folder that I should have outside the container?

Maybe chia-blockchain would also need to be mounted from outside?

Are you running this from source? If so then yes, you would need to mount the source folder into your container as well.

Which directory you mean with source? I just deploy the container with the official image and mount .chia and .local to it, so maybe it’s the directory missing.

I’m a docker-compose guy, here’s my setup.

My local dot-local and dot-chia directories are mounted into the container. These need to be seeded once with chia init. I didn’t want to put that in the dockerfile, so to initialize the directories, you can use:

$ docker-compose run --rm chia chia init
$ docker-compose run --rm chia chia keys add

After that, you should be able to start with this command, which will run in the background and is set to always restart:

$ docker-compose up -d farmer

To interact with the running instance, I exec into the running farmer container (get the container id via docker ps):

$ docker exec -it aabbccdd chia farm summary

This recipe should work with the stock Dockerfile too. It’s only for running a full node, I am plotting on different machines and moving the plots here. Hope that helps.

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Oh and one thing, that commented out line in the Dockerfile, make sure you run that on your config.yaml (or manually edit it) – docker doesn’t seem to like having localhost, so instead replace all instances with

Thank you! You seem to be doing the same thing, my .chia and and .local are initialized since they are mapped to the container and they are not deleted when deleting the container, but why it don’t find the keys in my case and in yours it works?

Here’s the docker repo for the official image: GitHub - Chia-Network/chia-docker. If you look at the Dockerfile and the, you can see they rely on environment variables, not just mapped volumes, and do some stuff at startup. I think that’s what you need to set (I don’t really like that pattern so that’s why I created my own).