Using enterprise SAS SSD on HP Z420

Hi all,

I’m trying to make my plotting rig (based on the HP Z420) more robust and strong.
I’m currently running it with 12 core CPU (E5-4657L) and PNY gen3 2TB nvme.
I’m not really happy with the pace I’m plotting and I’d like to change my SSD or add some more.

I have a chance to buy used SAS Seagate MLC enterprise SSDs 960GB (Model is ST960FM0013).
Do you think that should allow me have better performance and more parallel plotting instances assuming I buy 2-3 of those?

Is there anyone here that can direct me to the appropriate controller in order to add them to the HP Z420?

I saw these 2 and not really sure which one I should get…

HP SAS controller 1
HP SAS Controller 2

Many thanks :slight_smile: