Using Enterprise SSD for Plotting

I’ve now switched all my plotting using these Intel 6.4TB SSD. They have the endurance of 10x or more compared to consumer SSD. Since we are going to be plotting for the foreseeable future. They are a good investment.

If you have the CPU and Ram, it should support upto 20 plots in parallel without issue. I am currently running 14 plots in parallel with a turn around time of about 9hrs.

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14 plots in parallel all on the same drive, this one? :astonished:

yes, should be able to do 20 in parallel if you have the cpu cores and ram to do it.

I’ve been using a 2 TB pci-e 4x4 Nvme drive for temp space but was hitting an io bottleneck with more than 5 plots simultaneously. Have you tested out 20 plots at a time? Pci-e lanes might be a limiting factor.

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this card uses 8x PCIe. No issue with upto 14 plots in parallel. I think staggering is needed to reach 20 plots in parallel.

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