Using Jbod with windows storage space

I just bought a 12 bay jbod extension and tried to set it up through windows storage space to get a single volume but it seems that there is a 63TB limit in windows 10 pro. :unamused:

Apparently this arbitrary limit doesn’t exist if you are using windows server.

Anyone here using a jbod setup and if so how do you guys create a single volume?

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I’ve never messed with either that or Storage Spaces myself, but Windows does have a more standard form of logical volume management. Convert your disks to “dynamic” in diskmgmt.msc, then create a spanned volume across them (or striped if you want RAID0): Windows Admin: Understanding Hard Drive Partitioning with Disk Management (

Can you add or remove hard drives seamlessly with this approach if I don’t do stripped (raid 0) with disk management ?

On a related note I had my nvme’s set to stripped using disk management and was using it for storing some plots while waiting on hdds. I had to do one forced reboot and I lost all plots of those nvme’s (50 plots).

Again, I don’t use this myself, but the Internet seems to say that trying to remove disks is a bad idea but adding disks works fine.

(For what it’s worth, Linux LVM can do both)

Aha! The secret “we want you to use Windows Server” limit!

I wonder what other limits are in Windows 10 pro around disks…

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