UUPool joining pros/cons

Since I am going to have to replot my 120 or so plots when the official pool gets here, whaat would be the downside to joining UUPool or HPool now, and get a few XCH? When the official pools come, I can get a new account so I don’t have to worry about my mnmeunics, rights?

While you’re technically correct, since you’re going to delete those plots eventually and you can replot on a new wallet/private key, I think everyone’s concerns are around their closed source client app and the potential for it to leave malware/spyware on your rig

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That’s why my new plotter is completely detached from my former main rig with hpool software on it. I fill a drive with my plotter and move it over to the rig with hpool miner.

When official pooling support is released, my new plotter becomes a new chia node with a new private key and I start the process of deleting old plots as I create new ones.

In the mean time, I’m at least getting good returns on hpool.


Me too this is what I do! And running linux

I just started on hpool today, sick and tired of the gambling game that is to plot/harvest solo.
I don’t care if they say hpool can install malware or steal your keys somehow - it’s the only way I am seeing right now to at least pay for the hardware that I spend my money on.
later when the pools come, ill assess what to do.


For those that are choosing to risk the threat of malware and isolating it by using a separate machine, are you also isolating this machine from the rest of your network?

I continue to read about “concern of malware”, but out of all the people trying it, no one has said they have any. I would think atleast 1 person would have some type of antivirus software that would pick up on it, if it was there.