Version 1.1.6 is out

“This is the initial release of our DNS introducer. We built a far too simple basic introducer that we hoped to replace as quickly as possible with an introducer that uses DNS in the style of Bitcoin. This release will now use both and as we gain testing with the DNS version, we will slowly be phasing the classic introducers out. This should significantly help in finding nodes to connect and sync to.”



its supposed to help with sync problems

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I saw a benchmark was added. Any more news to be found on that?

Already posted and being discussed here:

I assume that running this 1.1.6 installer while plotting on version 1.1.5 will stop the plotting process, and ruin current plotting process entirely?

I think this depends on the platform, but yes… on Windows, running the upgrader killed 6 parallel plots.

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quick question, do i just download and install for windows? will it automatically upgrade 1.1.5?

to 1.1.6? totally confused

@Robberder when you download the installer, and execute it, it will replace 1.1.5 with version 1.1.6. So yes it will upgrade the old one.

my wallet was 5 days trying to sync and was only at ~60k.

After upgrading to 1.1.6, in less than one hour went to 110k+

Not if you plot on the command line. If you plot with the GUI, I’m pretty sure your plots will stop.

I am on linux, and doing cmd line plots. I upgraded to 1.1.6 without any interference to the plots.

Also, the harvesters who were moved to 1.1.6 later, also continued to function when running 1.1.5 against a 1.1.6 full node.

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Alright, thanks for the information! I am plotting in powershell on windows. I’ll give it a shot on one of the harvesters first.

It will kill your plots since it deletes the folder the plot program is running out of and installs the 1.1.6 folder

Has anybody noticed that the delete button (from the plots) is not usable (grayed out)?

Using the delete button was causing crashes in Windows so for now that has been disabled