Version 1.3.4 slow GUI response and errors

An hour or so ago, I updated my Windows machine from Chia version 1.2.11 to 1.3.4.
I am having “slowness” issues with the GUI, and an “Error” condition in the “Full Node” screen.

– Tokens:
One time when I clicked on the “Tokens” button, I waited 11 minutes and gave up.
After clicking elsewhere, and then trying the “Tokens” button, again, it takes 10 seconds for the data to appear on that screen.

– Offers:
No delay. But note that there are no offers, which could be the reason for no delay.

– Full Node:
No delay. But an error:

Despite the Error, the Blocks are coming in with current timestamps.

– Plots:
15 seconds.

– Farming:
37 seconds.

Initially, the Farming screen showed this:

The errors have since gone away. But I included a screen capture, in case it lends a clue to the overall sluggishness.

– Pooling:
No delay. Note that I am not pooling.

Perhaps the issue is what @BigSilverOrb wrote about, here:

I do not have 10,000 plots – but close.
A third of my plots are larger than K32. So total disk space is over 10,000 plots of K32 size.

Are my issues due to the number of plots? Something else?
And what about that “Connection Status” Error on the “Full Node” screen?

All help is appreciated.

If you suspect the problem with the number of plots being the issue, the easiest approach would be to go to your config.yaml on both farmer and harvester, and knock off most of the folders, and start adding them a couple of folders at a time. Default folder/plot scan is 2 minutes, so you could monitor your full node on Fram / Last Attempted Proof section, as every 2 minutes you should see an increment in the second column. Usually that section is the most reliable one to show plots found. Another way would be to tail your debug.log files, as when those folders get scanned, there is an update there as well.

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I’m on .33 and every time I change tab it takes 10 to 15 seconds.
I think this is just normal behavior.


This problem looks the same as: [Bug] Farm page of the GUI of 1.3.4 Windows version is not working correctly. · Issue #11228 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

From github:

emlowe commented 3 days ago

We are actively working on fixes


Is “emlowe” a Chia developer?

Glad to see that others have reported my 1.3.4 issues.

Yup, “emloee” Is one of the two senior people who manage our dev teams… you can trust him. :wink:

this does sound like the problem outlined in that git hub issue and a few similar ones like it, which as I was told just yesterday we should be having you fix for this in the next release. In the meantime I do believe it has already been merged into main , and if you want to try living on the edge you could always install manually from Main if you’re comfortable doing to test that out


Just asking, Install manually from main the same as the “Latest Dev” Windows, which this morning was ChiaSetup-latest-beta1-3-580-0.exe ??

I have no errors but, definitely slow. 3x or more slower than previous wait times. Also notice that when coins is looked up it shows 0 until wallet fully sync, weird…

After 6 days of synchronization, I am not even halfway. Farm on premium brand components.

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