Very slow Chia wins

I’m not sure if something has changed or it is just I am left far behind. Last chia I got was on August 10th. Before that on July 15th.
I have a small farm of 187TB. I have stopped plotting more than 8 months ago. I have non compressed plots, doing self pooling because it is hard to maintain records for taxation purpose with so much small transactions of general pooling.
Any idea if I am missing something or it is just Chia overall size has grown too much?

With 187TB you’re average win time is 1 month, in 10 days you will be at 2 months or 200% effort, or two time longer than expected.

That is perfectly normal, the highest I’ve had recently is 464%, that’s 4.64 times longer than expected.

You do realise that you can pool and set the payout level, its what I do, I get paid out roughly every three days, I could set it higher or lower. Until the pool pays you, you’ve not received any payment, so you just log when the pool pays you and what it was worth at that time.

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Thank you. Can you setup once in a month payout at the pool? Is it in all pools like spacepool?

I think most pools allow you to setup a payout threshold (I’m with Foxy and they do), not sure about setting it to payout once a month though. You could set the payment threshold high, then at the end of the month lower it, so it pays out then raise it again, but you’d have to remember to do it, which is a bit of a faff. Personally I’d just set it at your expected monthly earnings, does it really matter if its not exactly monthly.

Pooling also has the benefit of allowing you to easily see that everything is working as it should.

Global netspace was about 22 EiB 3-4 months ago but now it has reached to 30 EiB probably because of the compressed plots. Average increase is 30 %. So if you do not replot you have to expect 30 % decrease in your xch income. This is my personal opinion. I saw this in my income also. For 400 TiB I began receiving about 3 xch/ month whereas it was about 4 before. So I spent some more to buy a GPU and add RAM to make 128 GB and began replotting with bladebit cuda. With windows bladebit beta is fine.
With two plotter machine (3060 128 ram) 20 TiB / day it takes 20 days.

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Thank you for the information. Can I use Chia GUI’s built in plotters to make compressed plots?

How much ram, what GPU and what OS are you using?

Yes sure you can use. But I prefer using command line interface by powershell.