Very slow plotting with DL380 server

Hi, I started plotting on an older DL380 server with 2x 6-Core Intel Xeon X5650 cpus and 32gb ram. Last night I started 4 plots spaced an hour apart slow plotting directly to 4 external HDDs via usb. This morning when I checked all 4 plots are still in phase 1. Does anyone have an idea as to why these would be going so slow?

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Are you using a temporary plot folder on-server or temp writing via USB?

Which generation DL380? Pretty sure all 380’s are only going to have USB 2.0 , which is way slow.
Why not shuck the external drives and hook them up to the SAS/SATA backplane?

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Thanks for getting back to me. I’m temp writing via USB. It’s a DL380 g6 with just USB 2.0 I believe. I guess I could shuck them, I’ve just never done it so was trying to avoid it. The drive bays are also only 2.5 inch and I think my WD easystore externals are 3.5.

Do you think temp writing to the disks on server would be a solution? I have about 1.1 TB of total disk space in this machine.

How long is it taking? Assuming you have SSD as tmp drives, moving the dst dir to a hard drive on your machine would help. If you’re using the external HDDs as both tmp and dst dir, then it is definitely going to be very slow. In this case, if you want to marginally improve your plotting speed, move both tmp and dst to a hard drive on your machine. I still would recommend you to get SSDs as tmp dir. We use SSDs as tmp and HDD as dst and are able to get around 80 plots a day per machine with dual 12 core cpu and 192gb of ram.

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Using local temp and then writing the final plot to USB would be much, much better. I would guess a plot on USB 2.0 is going to take days, if not longer.

My rec would be to buy some 15k 2.5" SAS server takeouts on ebay and plot to them, then copy offline as needed. You can get a 300GB drive for $15 for temp plotting.

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Im plotting on almost the same machine , i have a dl380 g7 and 92gb ram but same cpu, my temp is on internal sas drives in raid 0, and I do 11 plots without staging in a Day, having the temp on a external usb got to kill the speed, usb on this kind of machine is super slow


Hi MwaTech, have you plotted on servers like HP ProLiant? Can I ask a couple of questions in a personal conversation -

The USB HDD’s IOPS is very slow, even you use SATA3 directly it will take 12-24 hour per plot, I’m not recommand plotting on a USB DISK, you can install some NVME disk or try our service. ready in 24 hours.