Very strange about GPU plotting

Bladebit CUDA alpha3,C0
Two identical servers, both Dell R720, with the same CPU and memory. One is a 1080 graphics card and the other is a 1070ti graphics card, which is always 1 minute faster than 1080.
I have compared the BIOS settings of the two servers and have set them to be exactly the same.
1070ti is 5 minutes, 1080 is 6 minutes.
Is this a problem with the alpha version?

1080=>2 980pro
1070ti=>3 970evo plus

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Best way to find out is to swap out the cards and see if you still get the same results.

I’ve seen ppl get better time on 1080

My 1070ti does plots just under 5 minutes as well, so that seems about right.

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On R720, what kind power cable is needed for GPU? eight pin to eight pin? Thanks!

Take a look at the SSD copy time (time to flushing to disk). And you will find why the difference.

It has nothing to do with SSD, the copy time and plotting time are separate.
2 980pro Raid 0 = 7.88 sec
3 970evo plus = 5.06 sec
I just swap two graphics cards and the same issue still exists.
1080 was dismantled by Asus G20CI, possibly due to graphics card issues.



My bad, the Bladbit not shows the copy time.
I use Madmax Gigahorse and my copy time between memory to SDD is close to 2min on a K33 plot.

The difference might come from type of memory, if i recall correctly the 1080 has gddr5x

but 1080 is slower than 1070ti,1070ti is GDDR5

It’s not a normal 8pin. you can buy on ebay or taobao.


That’s exactly my point.

A bit of old news - but you are probably limiting out by HARD DRIVE write speed, not the GPU.

my 1080 does 4.9 minutes a plot. none Ti, just plan cheap 1080 8GB.

R720. Ubuntu. RAM 384. mechanical HDD RAID 0 as destination.

1070ti is ddr5 vs the 1080 having faster but higher latency ddr5x or ddr6 (I forget which) - which killed the 1080 on ETH mining for a very long time vs the 1070ti.

That 8-pin connector for the Dell R720 is widely available (I got mine on Amazon) but it’s not “normal” as there is no “normal” for the power supply side of those.
They aren’t real expen$ive though, and it’s actually a 8 + 6 on the GPU end for the one I got (which seems to match the original Dell part).