Wallet Address changed, old one still has Chia in it

Hi All,

I’m a bit stuck.

I had everything working smoothly - I have a farming machine connected to all my harvesters, all set up with SpacePool. Every day or two, I would transfer my rewards to a cold wallet.

I needed to update the client on my farming machine and had a bunch of issues where the client failed to update. No worries, reinstalled and reinput my key, and voila, all working.


When it all synced up my wallet balance seemed low. So I checked the wallet and the receive address had changed.

My pool payout address, however, had not, so I was able to go to the blockchain explorer and there were still chia at the old wallet address, to the tune of around 2.7 XCH.

So now I have 2.7 XCH in a wallet that for some reason does not show up in my wallet on the farmer.

I realise a wallet can have multiple receive addresses, but how has it happened that this receive address has disappeared from my wallet and I can no longer access those funds?

How can I get these XCH back?

Not sure, but read here, possibly it’s applicable.