Wallet import 64 char private key

Is any chance to import 64char private key to chia, without knowledge of seed (mnemonics 24 words)?
I have backup only Private key, Public key, Farmer public key, Pool public key, but i have not 24 words seed.
Thanks for advice.

The only key you need to backup is the seed mnemonics 24 words, nothing else matters.

Did you lose your 24 word mnemonic or something?

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It’s fine, he has everything else :slight_smile:

yes i lose 24 word mnemonic. can i generate it from private key?

if i lose my mnemonics 24 words key, can i get my wallet from my private key?

…*********…/…… Nope.

Thats a good question… if you’re still running the GUI or farm then you can get it from the GUI by pressing the eye icon on the login screen (or the CLI with chia keys show --show-mnemonic-seed)

But if you deleted everything and didn’t save your mnemonic then… idk. :man_shrugging:

So, if I have private key, how can I import wallet from it in new computer?
I mean the key, not 24 words
I send greetings

As discussed above, not possible.

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