Wallet is not syncing

I installed the latest beta version of Chia Wallet on my Windows machine and it’s not syncing.
I found this error in the logs.

2021-12-22T17:31:48.403 wallet chia.wallet.wallet_weight_proof_handler: ERROR failed validating weight proof recent blocks

There is an old farming setup on the machine and I try to delete all but after 3 new installs of the wallet I have the same error. Anyone an idea what the reason is?
I deleted:
Is there more?

Keys are also stored in windows elsewhere.
I’ve no idea where though.

I think that would be the
folder. (Where USERNAME is your Windows User)

Under Users name .chia and .chia_keys

Don’t forget about Control Panel / User Accounts / Manage Windows Credentials / Generic Credentials / chia-…

Deleting the keys helps. Wallet is running smooth now. Thx all

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