Wallet is not working - no listening port

Using: 1.1.7.dev0

I got a strange error from chia wallet show:
Exception from 'wallet' "b'\xce\x3a\xc7\x0a\xb1ik...

What does that mean? I stopped the wallet and restarted it but now I just get a connection error:
Connection error. Check if wallet is running at 9256

The wallet process is running.

Looks similar to this error

Which feels localization / language related to me, but the wallet not running is the real error?

Yes. The main problem is the wallet is running but not listening.

It’s also annoying that chia farm summary did not reveal the error. It showed the farm/reward status, even though the wallet wasn’t working (it returned the exception).

Now that I’ve restarted it, it shows unknown for everything.

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The wallet is still showing a connection error.

I don’t see any solution except to delete the wallet db. :frowning: