Wallet keys or pool /farm keys in plotter?

When I open the GUI i get a farm and pool key ending with zga (same as wallet address in the chia.exe) but when I open the chia.exe and keys show it shows the keys I have been using to plot manually. (farmer public key and pool public key). Am I correct not to use the wallet key as the pool and farm key and use the public key and pool key of chia.exe or have I waisted some 50% of my plots now (auch) with wrong keys?

I assume its just my wallet and that it is correct but given 16 days no rewards now I am questioning everything. I dont want to join HPOOL as the network desperatly needs decentralization but it is hard to see these rewards pass me by as I should have had some 16 more chia in this period.

Did you figure this out?

Nothing to figure out. Last reward was 4th May. I have now over 4000 plots and nothing yet. I am using harvesters localy on the NAS and responce times are well withing parameters. My connections are stable and have tons of incomming peers on the single farming computer (rest are harvesters). But it hurts quite badly to have lost the income of this period as it would have covered the last bit of my investments. But ok I am not joing hpool on principle as it is very near a 51% attack size. I have ordered another batch of 2x5950 and 2x5900 with nvmes in 4x raid 0 configurations so I am ready to plot fast when pools are out (I guess this time time is really money). I also now have a few 128GB servers so in case this keeps going with problems then I could migrate to filecoin if I had to. I am around 40% done plotting now if I was going single farmer route but I am hoping there will be official pools soon and have geared up equipment wise to plot out the last part quite fast if that time comes somewhere now in june.

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Also thank you for your guides here on the forum. Really helpfull :slight_smile:

Holy Lord my sadness runneth over - if your setup isn’t good enough to solo farm, God help us.

I thought plots made with 1.1.6 and after are poolable, is that not the case? We would have to plot fresh with a new pool key?

I sort of assumed they would add a Chia command to reassign a pool key to a supporting plot…

Pool faq was updated 5 hours ago:

Support for these portable plots will start on testnet somewhere in June.
“Support for portable plots will be released sometime in June on testnet.”

So to flesh out a bit on my setup: Currently it is a 2.5 GB network mostly. I have a ton of mellanox cards incomming and a few already arrived + allready have the switches for 10gb network and 40gb infiniband network as well so by end of june I will be all 10gb and a core of 40gb network.

4xANPMSILATOP and 1X ASUSLAPTOP 1x Lenovolaptop (6 Cores 10th and 11gen intel cheap WD1TB BLUE NVME’S) these are plotting to segate external HDD’s and I phyiscally move them once they are full and replace with a new batch. They connect to the main dedicated farmer onces full.
2X ANPSMALL 3600Ryzens and 1tb nvmes. Windows 32gb ram. Harvesting/plotting.
2X ANPMedium 3700 Ryzens and 1tb corsair high TBW. Windows 64gb ram. Harvesting/plotting.
2X ANPbig 3900 ryzens and 1TB samsung 980 pros. Linux 64gb ram. Connect-x 4 mellanox cards. Harvesting/plotting.
1X ANPbig 3900 ryzen dedicated farmer. The usb externals hook up to this one.
I also have 3x rockpi’s I will set up later in my summer vecation that will be dedicated harvesters to split up the usb externals a bit.

4X QNAP 653ds with 4x usb expansions. Upgrading from 4 to 8gb network and adding mellanox connect x cards later. Currently running 2x2.5gb. These are harvesting from a docker image.

(ordered) 2X ANPMEGA 5900 that are havester and plotters using Fractal 7X to have 18HDDs. 64GB ram. Samsung 980 pros.
(ordered) 2X ANPULTRA 5950 harvesters and farmers fractal meshify 2XL one 128GB ram. These have gigabyte 4x nvme cards so in raid0 and WD blue 4 tb in total.
(ordered/got some of it allready) 8x Mellanox connect-x 3 pro. 4X Mellanox connect-x3 for the qnap 653ds. 4X QDR infiniband connect-x 3 that with adapter can do regular 10gb ethernet as well as 40gb infiniband network.
I also have quite a bit of LSE disk controller cards incomming and allready have enough to cover my current disks.

Honestly the cpu power of a 3900 should be overkill for farming and everything else is harvesting locally so I do not think this is the problem. Granted got more than 40 usb externals connected to it at this point but they all look fine in logs when it comes to responce times. The variance is killing me with this extreme dry spell and I would love to join someting more organized and stable when it comes to income from the plots.

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I finally got another block of Chia. Just wanted to update here in case someone was interested. It was way…way overdue but everything was working atleast.