Wallet mode startup confusion

I add photo , untill the wallet get sync it gives the filling that wallet was active and coins ware sent

A little nuttiness with the wallet graphs I can deal with (the pool NFT chart gets wild too sometimes). What seems to scare people the most is when coins don’t appear in the wallet at all (but transactions can be seen in the blockchain viewers online) and they have to sync the wallet again. Small bugs… no coins lost so no major panic.

I still have to reboot my computer at work a couple of times a month because Windows crashed, and same with my cell phone. Bugs are a fact of life if code is still being added and software is forever changing!

Im sure ur sure and i think the gui is very smooth.
Im just posting to point out that until the wallet mode is sync people can get confused about thair “resource?” Or money idc, just saying it will generate fear in some sircomstance, nothing to be worry about just pointing out a “bug?”

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Maybe im paranoid becuse my transaction was canceled offer off all the coins , not sure what triggered me , well i might be talking nonsance, any way smooth gui :+1:

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