Wallet "not synced"

Is there any way to initiate a re-sync of the wallet without closing the GUI? Node is fully synced and the farm is going strong. Wallet just says not synced and shows no connection on that wallet peer entry. I know about 1.1.7 as well i just want to see if i can do this temporarily before going to 1.1.7. Any ideas or no? :smiley:

You have to turn all Chia processes off and delete your wallet db file. This is your wallet sync file, not your wallet.

mariano54 commented on May 4

  1. Shut down your wallet and node
  2. Delete your wallet db files: located at ~/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db. This will require syncing up your wallet, but not your node.
  3. Make sure you have upgraded to the latest version
  4. Start the application and wait for the wallet to sync up

So you shut down Chia and any Chia processes and delete (or rename to .old if you are concerned) your wallet db. Download and upgrade Chia to 1.1.7 (if you have not already done so). It’s not required, but I would re-start my computer first, and then re-start Chia.

Your wallet sync will start at zero again, but will sync up in a normal time. Your full node sync is unaffected by deleting the wallet db and re-starting your wallet sync.

I had the same problem and did this successfully and without problem when I upgraded Chia to 1.1.7

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